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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Another post...

  Also, shortly after getting my flat, I lost my smartphone (an old Galaxy S2 Epic)... I am working on replacing it now the wedding is over with.

Married Life

  Well as if I didn't post not often enough as it was, I have my (our) own apartment with no wifi!!! Complete with fireplace, 1 bedroom (with a king sized crammed in), antique loveseat & chair, my black cat, and a crap tonne of house plants (house warming present from my loving mother)...
  That and I went and finally married my other half.. sucks though is that we both are going back to work now. We have spent most of the Honeymoon doing married people things, cleaning, cooking, unpacking, and playing videogames (she had never played Kingdom Hearts until now and I have been playing Battle for Middle Earth). Lots of fun! :^D

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Picnic in the cemetary

  Had some fun with Hannah today. Went to the farmer's market and had another picnic. We went to the Fulton St cemetary again. We like visiting all the local resting plots you see.
Her friend also made me a Rainbow Dash vinyl cut out, which I stuck on the car. She and her husband own and operate a vinyl cutting business. Pretty cool stuff.
  Also getting more into cigars. Tried a Cuban Reject Torpedo and a Punch. Both were very good. I bought an Obsidian, Diesel, & a Cuban Reject Churchill to try this next week.
  I work a ten hour shift tomorrow closing, then I open the next day. Goodnight.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Everyday is exactly the same.

  One and a half hours to go with work for the day.. Goodness it is kicking my butt today. Trying to keep chipper.
  Was talking to the store manager today and he complimented me on my moustache again. Also found out that he likes ren-faires. Pretty cool guy when he isn't punched in.
  Smoked my second Cigar yesterday. A "Red Witch - Robusta"... And she was a nasty witch at that. Good cigar, just to spicy for me at the moment.
  Gotta jet.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Work, smart phones, & cigars..

  Well it is nearly August now. The wedding is nearly upon us, 98 more days. I am still full-time at Menard's. I bought a smart phone, my first one, a Samsung S II, from a friend. I like it.

  I became a part of a business, Life Leadership, which is a leadership development business. It is making Hannah and I have hope, that we have a purpose and a goal. Good stuff.

  Also, yesterday was my future father-in-law's birthday, so we got him some cigars. Naturally I bought some for myself as well. It was my first time smoking a cigar, and simply put, it was wonderful. I tried a Black Pearl, but I have a Red Witch & a Cuban Reject left.

  Alright, time to go to work.

P. S. I am also trying to stop swearing as well.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer is coming..

  It is June.. I am full-time at Mendard's now. I work a lot. I hardly see Hannah. I live with her parents. I am depressed, confused, and yet somewhat content (not living here, gracious no).
  We have been looking at apartments now that I got that raise, and there is some luck. I don't know why I bother to blog when all I do is use it as a diary (I have a hard time writing my thoughts down, but typing allows me to put them down at a closer speed than manually).
  Been taking on extra hours, also adjusting to the fact that working so much and seeing everyone I don't work with so little is what I will have to get used to the rest of my life. Maybe eventually I can return to the bliss of my childhood, where I had time for passions and hobbies, let alone time to read for pleasure..
  Also, I like this song.. And agree that it'd make for a neat cover if Switchblade Symphony came back from the dead.

P.S. The wedding is also looming, I don't know what to feel towards it as even I am doubting that is will happen without outside intervention from God, which I know He is blessing us, but still.. W/e right?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Saturday Night Off 04/26/2014

  Well my night off, (I open Saturday's then work 2nd shift on Sunday) and I am trying to figure life out as usual, trusting in God and feeling empty.
  Hannah started construction of some fairy wings for her Senior pictures, using cellophane, glue, and poster board. Seems to be going well, she is going for a luna-moth influenced type of fairy.
  I love costumes, such fun, to pretend to not have any worries.