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Sunday, January 12, 2014

A charcoal suit.

First Charcoal Gray Suit.

(Also, What I'm Wearing Today...)

  Wow, I finally own one after looking in thrift stores for the past 10 months, I found it at a Goodwill 2 days ago. It's a 2 button, Hill and Archer with pleated trousers that were much to long. It is striped with red, blue, and a teal/green alternating. I usually don't like fabric patterned that way, however it is growing on me with this suit.
  Single vent, the jacket was measured at a 40L which is roughly my size and fits surprisingly well.
Since the trousers were to long and it is pleated I added a cuff after setting the hem at a half break.

 Wearing my blue Brooks Brothers shirt I found for $2 and tailored to my torso.
(Ignore the unkempt facial hair please)

Not the best picture but I'm working with what I can here,
I took the legs in on each side to slim it and then cuffed,
 I'm very please with the outcome.

  So the lapel is a little wider than I like but it works very well with the suit, and also the pants have higher rise so they ride at my waist like I prefer. Overall, a excellent $12 suit.

P.S. Enjoy the song, all rights to Peter Murphy, RCA, and Beggar's Banquet Records.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Controversial Fashion: Gothic Cowboy/Western fashion.

Spooky Duds.

  Well I'm not posting pictures of what I'm wearing today because quite frankly I feel under dressed. Just a button up work shirt (Red plaid Izod from thrift store) and the Cords I was wearing yesterday with a bolo tie, which is black leather with a gunmetal arrowhead as the clasp.
  Well this brings up something I have always enjoyed, western wear & gothic fashion, which quite frankly sounds like an oxymoron. However, I say nay to that notion! It is quite possible! Hell, the band Fields of the Nephilim! (and even Voltaire's clothing the past several years)
  With SteamPunk and movies like Van Helsing (yes, Europe, not American, but the way he dresses), the Wild Wild West, the Prestige, the Lone Ranger reboot, etc... the Alt. Crowd has plenty of coverage for these kind of things.
  There seems to be plenty of potential for Dark Western, Silver, Black Leather, pointy boots are already readily available because of equine showing, 4-H, etc..  Black Felt or Leather cowboy hats are common, trenchcoats were normal on the frontier 150 years ago, Leather vests have been shown on many characters on "Old Westerns" (not that 1950-1960's television is historically sound... But you know), and studded and metal adorned belts a plenty..
  Thanks to Día de Muertos and Central (& South) America's lack of fear and embrace of death and Catholicism there is much to choose from and pick out. Imagine if you would a Union Cavalierly uniform done up in Black and Silver instead of that Blue and Gold (remember if you will Dr Loveless from "Wild, Wild West" and his spidery themes)..

  Lastly with the amount of recent interest in "hippy" or "Hipster" clothing, Native American clothing, designs, and jewelry are becoming easier to find. (granted pow-wows and DIY are probably the best options)

Here is some music to keep us going,
 some Johnny Cash:

Getting on with it.

The Clothing

  For footwear you have options as in: Oxfords, winkle pickers, Cowboy boots (Black Leather obviously, but metal endorsed, skeleton/indian/mayan/spanish embossments, etc..), and even Moccasins are a comfortable option (moccasin and Ghillie Brogues are really fun & comfy to wear!).
  Unfortunately combat boots or platforms won't really cut it here, however thankfully most western boots add an inch or two in the heels.

  Shirts can range from traditional button ups to more period button on collar/cuff shirts in solids of Burgundy, White, Gray, Blacks and patterns like Paisley, plaid, & stripes.
(Buttons from mother of pearl, horn, wood, metal, or tortoise shell would be period)
  Flannel plaid shirts may not be very period but they sure do look it, try to find something in grays, blacks, reds, cyan, or purple.
  If you have a union suit (full body thermal underwear, traditionally in bright red) dying it a darker red or black would be striking then ripping it up, adding patches and then wear with just pants, shoes, and suspenders.
  Don't forget that the US used many a immigrant worker on the railroad so even "Mandarin" collars or oriental themed clothing can be appropriate.
  For the girls blouses ruffled and plain are always appropriate, or just skip one all together and just wear only your bodice or corset! Dresses and jumpers would be just as period though.
(Native American Body paint is always a good substitute for torso coverings for either sex if you're clubbing)

  Pants could be whatever you want really, Jeans, Black (or gray) Jeans, Leather pants, Slacks, matching suit pants, or just chaps (chaps leave certain areas... "exposed") for you fetish wearers.
For the lady folk we have in addition to the above skirts,dresses, Petticoats, just a bustle, tights, w/e!

  Vests, Corsets, or Bodices: There are always leather, lots of leather! So much leather. And Corduroy vests! Yes corduroy! Wonderful corduroy! Not just vests too, overalls, & straightjackets as well! "Yes, a corduroy straightjacket, buckle me up boys and take me back to my cell!"

... Um, yes, getting carried away here aren't I?

Headwear: There are many options, always the classic "cowboy" hat made from traditional felt, straw, or even leather. Bandanas or Sombreros do in a pinch too!
  There are feathered hats & boas for the ladies and showgirls (or drag dressers, woot-woot!). As for those with an Asian flair don't forget that the "Sedge hat" (conical pointed hat) was very commonplace during the Wild West days.
  Thrift stores are always the best place to find hats though (Imnshho), as they will be cheaper and can be already worn out, plus more options to choose from.
(Frankly the thrift store is the best option for your clothes in general, but around here, you see more hats used than new in stores)

Look at this nice one from lafuente,
now imagine instead of little pompoms hanging
around it, instead Bats, Skulls, or Pumpkins!
Photo from:

Who can say "No" to a black Stetson??

Jackets & OuterWear: There are trench coats, fringed coats, frock coats, tail coats, shawls, overcoats, ponchos (with skull and bat designs no less!), etc..
  Don't forget to adorn them with Union Soldier medals, Silver stars (Kidding!), or trophies from past bounties (you know, locks of hair, pieces of cloths, pulled teeth, etc..).

Fringed Biker Jacket? I'm sure Johnny Cash would approve of this.
Found: Ebay.com/itm/Mens-Black
(Bit pricey for my tastes and I don't know about the brand,
 but I'm just using these pictures as examples)

  Neckware, glasses, misc..: Bandanas are multifunctional here, holds your hair back, looks snappy tied around your neck, keeps sand out of mouth or nose, AND masks identity when robbing trains or wagons!
  Puff ties, ascots, or cravats are all appropriately period choices, along with the more modern Bolo Tie..
  Usually a Leather cord with a metal clasp shaped in geometric designs, framing a stone, shaped into a native design, or even bones and precious metals.
  Woman could have ribbons, chokers (the ones made out of velvet are more what I mean), or rosaries (both sexes).

Gentleman's Emporium is also a good resource with their western line of  clothing.

So let me know your thoughts, if you want me to add something, or have any useful links to share.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What I'm wearing and Listening today.

The Damned

  Well, the past couple days I've been picking out songs that I'd like to be played at our wedding reception and obviously, there is Gothic rock songs mixed in there (not to dominant, but a fair amount).. That started me on another the Damned kick after I was considering New Rose..
  So enjoy this whilst you look at my threads for today:

The Damned: Smash it up (part 1 & 2)

As for the other point of this post, what am I wearing today?

Poor lighting again, sorry about that.

I really like the design on this tie.

Shirt: Red Gingham check "American Eagle" button up, hand me down from father.
Sweater vest: Brown, Orange, & Chalk Argyle "Bargome New York", Hand me down from friend.
Tie: Black w/ Paisley & Floral print from thrift store.
Belt: Brown Leather double buckle from Aeropostle for a Sweeney Todd costume 6 years ago.
Pants: Low cut Brown Corduroy boot cuts, "Levi" from Salvation Army.
Socks: Plain Brown Timberlake socks.

  As an additional note, I really Love corduroy, the look of it, the feel of it, the atmosphere it lends! My first suit is this gorgeous Olive Green 3-Piece that I got for $10 dollars from a thrift store, all it needed was un-hemming of the pants 2"...
  Goodness I enjoy that suit; I will wear it upon my return to Michigan and show it off to you Freaky Darlings (why yes I like the League of Extraordinary Gentleman).

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Post type.

 What I'm wearing today.

  Alright, I've really been enjoying seeing this kind of thing done on other blogs so I've decided to try and do something like this myself, not everyday, but the days I can I will take pictures. I'm not try to "copy" or steal someone else's thing, but to be frank, I really enjoy it when other people do so that is why I am doing such. Also as I personally don't have a digital camera I may be limited upon my return to Michigan.

  Without further ado here is my garb for today:

Close up of upper torso

Knitted Blue Argyle, I really like these socks.

Hat: Charcoal Gray Driving cap from "Walmart"
Shirt: Blue gingham check casual button up w/button down collars, "Old Navy" from "Goodwill"
2nd Shirt: Gray Henley from "Salvation Army"
Blazer: "Boston Trader", 100% wool black blazer from thrift store
Pocket Square: Puff folded from "Walmart"
Pants: Hand me down from friend
Belt: Black Leather from "Walmart"
Pocket Watch: Faux pocket watch from Xmas clearance at "CVS Pharmacy" of all places
Socks: Knitted Blue Argyle from "Salvation Army"


Read all about it!


  Well here I am hearing about all this drastic weather going on up north and I am down here in Florida enjoying a high of 56... Is that wrong? It is quite nice actually, I enjoy cool weather but I want to be up north with all the blistering winds (-40 in Grand Rapids I'm told) and driving snow.. *sigh*

  Regardless, went to return some Tea Tree oil I didn't need today, as I've been trying to remove the henna dye from my hair, which I've been doing since march... Problem is, it is rather difficult and slimy to do with out damaging your hair, and I have very weak hair (Which I'm trying to grow out). The way to do it is to soak your hair in an oil mix repetitively until it's out. Tea Tree oil makes Henna darker and more permanent so glad I verified before adding.

  After that I went to the hospice store to thrift around and made out pretty good..
A light blue Guayabera I've been eying for a bit, a similar shaded light blue Lacoste Cardigan Sweater, some black Wolverine boots in my size for two bucks, and some scarves for the misses upon my return.

 "GASP! Pastel blue snooty booty clothing!?!? Egads! This man is nuts!"

  Yeah, yeah, I know, I don't wear Steampunk, victorian, or goth clothes ALL the time. I like dressing up and wearing good quality clothings (Okay, not going to lie, if it wasn't the price and a colour for the spring I would not be caught dead wearing a Lacoste.. I'm not into brands you know).

Semi blurry picture of cardigan.
 (Yes buttons are on woman's side.. Do I care?)

 Yes I know this pic is of Chicago, not Michigan. Still gets my point across.

Photo source: Click photos, they are links.

P.S. What the Heck is this "Nu Goth" thing?!? According to what I find, my fashion and music can be called as such... And since I've been dressing that way for years I must be a "Hipster" too... oh wait, that is where the term is coming from.. What in the world is this nonsense??!?!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

What to do?

What to do?

 Discovering the point of this blog.

  Well what can I say? I'm an unreliable blogger, I just have a hard time doing it, so I need to have a point of this blog again.
  It will be of several things, I like dressing up or being sharp... I also like Goth, Steampunk, post-apocalyptic fashion, and costumes!!  Thankfully all of my aesthetic tastes can be procured at thrift stores or being handy at needle & thread.
  I also have similar varied tastes in music: Swing, Ska, Jazz, Classical, Rockabilly, grunge, heavy rock, contemporary Christian music, Christian rock, light rock, Nu-Metal, power metal, industrial, industrial metal, EBM in general, electronica, funk, medieval, folk, older country music, gothic rock, etc..
  So yeah, this blog will be about all of these things, my art, my faith, my musical talents, where I live, work, make, sew, find in thrift stores, etc... And also geeky things, can't forget that!

Also, enjoy this:

Keep doing your thing,

Video Link Source: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UbGtjnluyY

P.S. I'm getting engaged to my soulmate Hannah soon and our wedding is this upcoming Halloween.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another direction.

  Well yet again I am here to say that I am moving my life in a different, content, more alive way. I want to live for God, I need to man up to the plate, no more regrets.
  Therefore this blog will change too, again, I am not going to be focusing entirely on Geekiness, or Steampunk but there will still be posts about that kind of stuff, sorry to any old LotR fans.